Video vs Progressive slots: Understand them well before investing

Submitted by dp_sldtii on Tue, 12/05/2017 - 06:19

All slot games operate on the principle of a certain combination(s) occurring within the reels of a slot machine. A random number generator is the core piece of all slot machines. There are, however, some structural and functional differences between different slots.

These differences do not essentially affect the chances of a player winning a slot game, but they do affect how the player enjoys the game. Of course, winning is the major objective but given that losses are inevitable, it is better to at least enjoy the experience, right?

Here's a look comparison of video slots versus progressive slots to help you pick what works for you:

Video Slots

Video slots are played on a video slot machine, which is an upgrade of the traditional reel machine. Unlike the older versions, video slot machines do not have movable levers. Everything is done on a screen, making the slot game pretty much a video game.

The friendlier user interface increases the number of gaming options the video slots offer to gamers. The display has five reels as opposed to the traditional three. A single reel is also able to accommodate a higher number of symbols. This increases the number of possible outcomes for every spin immensely.

Elimination of the mechanical element allows video slots to be played faster and with a greater number of lines. These slots offer exciting features like bonuses to encourage bettors to keep playing. Video slots yield relatively small payouts.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots operate on the premise of an increasing jackpot. A little percentage of the money staked is taken and added to the jackpot. Every time the jackpot is not won, it increases in the next round of play. Because of the amount deducted for addition to the jackpot, progressive slots offer a lower payback percentage for other symbols that win than video slots.

Often, progressive slots will be linked within the same casino or over a wide area. They could still stand alone though. Because of the huge number of people contributing, progressive slots in a network often award huge life-changing jackpots. The promise of this huge payout is the biggest motivation for people who keep playing these slots.

The costs incurred especially when linking progressive slots over an expansive area eat significantly into the payout percentage. However, the enormity of the actual sum to be won keeps players engaged.

Video Slots vs Progressive Slots

Video slots 

  • Every bet is Independent
  • Awards relatively small payouts
  • Jackpot does not increase after loss
  • The payout percentage is high


Progressive Slots

  • Bets are linked within a network
  • Offers a huge jackpot payout
  • Jackpot increases every time it is not won
  • Relatively lower payout percentage

The entrance of the internet into the gambling industry has had a significant effect on how both of these slots are played. Mobile casinos find it easier and cheaper to network progressive slots over an even wider area. The result is more people playing the slots, which translates to even more enormous jackpots. Online gambling has also increased the number of times slots are played each day.

At the end of the day, however, the winnings for both video and progressive slots are not very different. Unless of course, you hit that progressive mega jackpot!